When brainstorming, we all agreed that it was difficult to find enough people to play a game of Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee, or to find people that were already playing those games.

What it does

Puggr is for anyone who wants to find a group of people to do something with! With Puggr you can look around your location for users or groups that are looking for others to join in on whatever they’re doing.

How we built it

We built it with Swift, Firebase, and lots of HYPE Energy Drinks

Challenges we faced

Challenges included finding a nice backend that would handle authentication along with storing data points for location and what activities were happening. Initially we were going to go with AWS for handling all that, however Firebase ended up being the perfect match for our app's feature set! (and it was wonderfully simple to get configured from scratch)

Proud Achievements

Fast updates for user submitted activities and our quick learning of how Firebase integrates with Swift for development. For 3/4 of the team, this is their first ever hack!

Whats next for Puggr

Going forward there is a whole lot we can do to expand and improve Puggr. A major expansion, would of course, include writing an Android app to complement the iOS app, which we wrote over the hackathon. General improvements and quality of life tweaks could include:

  • List of specific activities (soccer, football, board games) to speed up user's interactions with the app.
  • Option to tweak scanning area
  • Set up notifications for when a certain activity occurs nearby
  • Notify you when another user checks into an activity
  • Reservation system

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