As 2 UCLA students who have tutored throughout highschool and our first year of college, we sought to streamline tutoring and create a system that would match tutors and students within their own universities. Oftentimes, we're tutoring in courses students are taking at different schools, where ultimately. the syllabus differs greatly. On the other side, they're receiving help from tutors who haven't taken the specific course they need aid in; this ultimately results in less productive tutor/student interactions.

What it does

The goal of pugChamp is to be able to provide/receive help in college courses so that every tutoring experience is personalized, making it easier for the tutor and the student.

Challenges we ran into

Coming from different backgrounds, with a bioengineering major and a math of comp major, we have varying levels of experience. To come together to create a project was fulfilling, but also challenging. We learned together throughout the process, but were ultimately unable to complete all aspects of the functionality we had aspired to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how much we've learned throughout the process and the experience we gained from it!

What's next for PugChamp Tutoring

We hope to continue this project together and hopefully create something to be used by college students in the future!

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