Ann Arbor's over-crowded traffic, lack of parking space, and efforts to carpool from individual companies. However, since the organization is conducted among individual companies internally, we hope to build a product that can bring this effort to the surface, and not only for workers, but also for other demographics.

What it does

It allows users to submit requests for a period of time (long term), specific time of day, days of weeks, locations so they can match with other riders/drivers who use the web app to create a group that can carpool together, to commute conveniently, efficiently, and in an environmental friendly way.

How we built it

We started doing competitive assessment to understand what competitors are out there. We assess how our idea is different and what it offers compare to other products. We then moved on to create relational db tables to map out our back-end database's design. After that, we went to sketch out web app interface, and went back and forth to revise our design and functionalities. Then we develop!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into Data architecture design problems. We also are beginners in terms of using react-redux, so we experienced a lot of technical difficulty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a solid backend, impressive amount of api end points for future development, we have amazing api documentation, we also have a somewhat working UI that can demonstrate the potential of the product. And most importantly, we learned!

What we learned

We learned react-redux is very tricky, Javascript is not meant for object oriented programming. Material UI is very cool, but it also takes time to adapt to our code.

What's next for PuffRide

Payment integration, GPS tracking integration, cost estimation, license verification.

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