For years, Puerto Rico has attempted endless forms of providing services online. Most of these attempts, however, we're hard to use and citizens had difficulties accessing them. The multitude and inconsistency between these platforms created additional problems in accessibility and find-ability when deciding to use an online service.

Goal of the Digital Transformation Initiative

The Digital Transformation Initiative in the Government of Puerto Rico strives to develop a new, centralized form of e-government where services are offered to citizens in a fast, efficient, and consistent manner. Citizens will be able to access services, which they traditionally go to a physical location to process, through consistent online platforms that reduce the steps required to complete.


During the Summer of 2018 I researched successful Digital Reform strategies used around the world and submitted proposals about how these could be implemented in the island. I developed UI concepts, Twilio SMS bots, and Python bots that will serve specific purposes in Puerto Rico's recovery and future developments. These efforts are focused on providing an innovative way of doing governance that reduces the work that citizens have to go through to access basic and fundamental services.


Our contributions and the impact that our proposed strategies may have on the island's future made direct influence in the redaction of the August 20th Revision of Puerto Rico's Fiscal Plan.

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