Our enthusiasm for video games served as the motivation for our project.We chose PacMan as our model since it is a well-known classic and a great game to replicate.We tried to includes all the options we can and tried our best to complete the game.

What it does

PacMan must navigate his way through a maze. PacMan must consume all of the white dots while dodging the ghosts that are chasing.PacMan will be defeated if he is ever caught by a ghost.We can move pacman using arrow keys ,we need to make sure to save it from ghost,

How we built it

We have implemented our project using python.Firstly we installed and imported all the lib required for the same that is pygame,tkinter,game,enemies,player etc.A central-clock will regulate mobility throughout the game.The movement will be scaled in accordance with the clock's cycles.A for-loop that runs indefinitely is used to implement the game clock.If a movement command is recognised, a directional look up for the player(s) will be performed at each loop, and a tile movement will be logged in the game state.

Challenges we ran into

As not all the actions were defined for each state.Pacman has four major actions: EAST, SOUTH, WEST, and NORTH. However, if the Pacman is now adjacent to a wall or at a corner, some of the activities are unavailable.Also move of enemies was also difficult as goal was to catch pacman and it was quite difficult and time consuming for us to implement same as we are beginners.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we completed our target within given duration and successfully achieved our goal whatever we aimed for.We implemented basic pacman game using python and explored many new lib and functionality.

What we learned

We looked at new libraries and packages and implemented same.We used Python to create all of Pacman's and adversaries motions, and we learnt new methods such as game, animation, and spritecollide, among others.

What's next for Puckman(Pac-Man)

In the future, we want to develop this project by adding one obstacle that gives Pacman extra points, as well as dots that give Pacman power and allow him to destroy enemies for a short period of time. In the next stages, we may also work on the design of the walls.

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