We had all just met a few hours prior and were thinkning of ideas to the ShellHacks Hackathon, and one of our team members thinks of an ingenious idea, a way to track when Publix Sandwiches go on sale. As we were thinkning some more, a KnightHacks lead member came to us telling how someone created and made a Pub Sub api and website and discord bot, literally everything we were going for and more. However we decided to continue on with the project anyways in an attempt to create a fraction of what he could, while using his API.. So we must give much credit to him and their incredible work. We didn't know else to do and thought it we would be fun, so we said "Why not?"

What it does

It's a website that uses a Publix Sub Sandwich API that tells the user of the latest sandwich deals, with that users can "Subscribe" to in order to receives messages of when their desired sandwiches go on sale.

How we built it

Our main project is built off of a "PubSub" API built by Zenith110. Using the MERN stack to handle our website, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. With that we used Google Firebase to host the front-end of the site and used Heroku to host the backend. We also used the free domain given by, that being Lasty, we used Twilio and the $25 credit given to send the updates about current sandwiches forward. We also used Adobe Fresco to create the beautiful art seen on the page.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was accessing Publix information as the information isn't easy to get, so being able to garner that information from Zenith110 was incredibly useful. With that, setting up an entire web-stack, front end and back, was another challenge to overcome. Although we had someone in our team skilled in the subject and were able to learn and improve. Also, drawing all of the sub sandwiches in a fun and reasonable amount of time was also hard to achieve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to come together in such a short time and actually make a website was insane.

What we learned

We learned many web-development tools available to use and with that what can be make within a group.

What's next for SubSaviors

Unsure, besides to keep in contact and who knows, maybe make another one.

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