Facilitate more effective public engagement around Public Works projects and a decision making process that is inclusive, transparent and effective for local communities.

What it does

The PublikWorks does this via publishing NYC's EDC initiatives on the the EOS blockchain and making it easy for local residents to easily endorse or reject various proposals for public development. PublikWorks also incorporates AR into the application to make it easier for residents to visualize the proposed development plans.

How we built it

EOS smart contract and SWIFT for IOS app. We applied IBM design thinking to brainstorm ideas focusing on users (NYC residents and NYC EDC decision makers) pain points. We also confirmed initial assumptions and iterated on ideas based on direct feedback from BigApp team about EDC's pain points and needs.

Challenges we ran into

Working with objects in AR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Delivering a functional MVP as planned.

What we learned

Focus on the essential components important to the user and keep it simple.

What's next for PublikWorks

Get feedback from EDC and evaluate what initiatives and public work projects are most interesting to residents and would most benefit from more community feedback and participation.

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