Publikey is a service that allows users to create a list of valid public SSH keys for themselves. It's in early beta, and does not support:

SSL Key visibility Organization support Key expiration/rotation

These will be features in a later release. Think of this alpha CLI/server as a Gravatar for managing your public keys across servers.

There are several available commands, and the CLI is discoverable:

publikey ls - list keys for a user, specified with the -u flag (PUBLIC) eg:

publikey -u ls

publikey register - register a user, username with the -u flag and password with the -p flag eg:

publikey register -u -p heresapassword

publikey add - add a key for the currently logged in /registered user, the file being the first parameter NOTE: There is one limitation at the moment with publikey add - you MUST be in the directory of the file. eg:

cd ~/.ssh publikey add

This will be fixed later on.

User passwords are encrypted with bcrypt.


publikey register -u -p testuser publikey add ~/.ssh/ publikey -u ls

This runs against the API, but a server is available. Run the server with:

publikey -p 8080 --data-file mydata.db

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