Fully automatic self-driving, self-enabling future integrating open data API's with cutting edge frictionless paying and tracking services.

What it does

It allows self driving public transport to pick up and drop off passengers at the right location. It will allow the user to have a nearly seamless PT experience.

How we built it

Backend written in Go communicating with Siemens and open data, in combination with a RN frontend communicating with the bluetooth beacons

Challenges we ran into

  • new to Go, DB integration didn't work as expected
  • new to React Native and mobile development
  • understanding the provided API's
  • integrating the provided API's, some of them were not documented really well

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we learned a lot about Go
  • proper integration with multiple provided API's
  • almost didn't sleep (four hours)

What we learned

  • programming in Go
  • React native
  • Bluetooth LE beacons

What's next for PublicTransport

  • frictionless user experience with optimal and suggestive routing

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