MLH's slogan, learn, build, share. To create a game where everyone can work together, not against one another.

What it does

Uses the video feed from the computers camera or an external camera to create a puzzle that multiple users can solve together in real time using either mobile or pc.

How we built it

JavaScript!. We used java script, node, and html to build a server that interacts with a viewer client and player clients.

Challenges we ran into

unifying mouse and touch was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

unique concept that brings the world together in real time, just as our development in cloud 9 allowed for real time collaborative effort.

What we learned

methods for passing & storing information between a server and multiple clients. Cross platform support for all devices.

What's next for publicpuzzle

an educational experience where similarly students interact in real time quiz style where everyone learns from one another. Use the client server baseline to create more public puzzles. Offer it as an architecture to create their own real time interactive experiences.

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