To understand what actually publicate is, to understand the pros of the system, the advancements that are unachievable even by the big companies like meta, over their centralised system of social media networking. As technocrats and Blockchain experts continue to think about technology development, economic models, and freedom of speech, Blockchain has emerged as a viable solution for solving many issues, including social media. Social media platforms have always been an entry point for establishing social communications for billions of people, and at present, platforms based on Blockchain technology are attracting a lot of public attention worldwide. Blockchain Social Media are nothing but decentralized platforms that allow the development of applications and smart contracts. The significant benefit of such platforms is that they offer end-to-end encryptions for every interaction enabling individuals to have more privacy and control over their information. Blockchain Social media platforms provide some major benefits like In-platform transactions, Crowdfunding, and Rewarding their users with exclusive offers. User privacy on social media platforms like Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and others is a growing concern. This is because they are governed and monitored by centralized corporations. Having an account on these platforms means you are giving away your privacy rights in their hands. Moreover, content posted on such media platforms is also used frequently for political gains and to curb dissent Coming to Blockchain-based social media platforms ensures greater privacy and allows users’ right to express themselves freely. Distributed ledger technology enables users to make transactions privately as only the sender and recipient know about the transaction’s contents. Blockchain enables people to express their opinion without the risk of punishment. The user on our platform can directly take part in the decision-making process by voting upon the changes(our social media network uses DAO infrastructure). Also, they can be part of the validation process of mining by simply running their nodes on their PCs. The users on our platform can also buy our Cryptographic Token to hold a share in the company and bet on other creators and own their coin. There are two types of ethereum tokens that are created in Publicate. The first one is the publicate coin that runs the entire process on social media and the next one is the unique coin that is created for each and every individual. The other benefit of our social media is that the users can directly tip the creators within a few seconds of validation and the ethereum account is the identity as well as the wallet for our social media. The NFTs also play an important role in our social media as one can verify whether a post is legit or not as well as purchase pieces of content that he finds interesting and trade that on the market. Apart from security and privacy, content producers on social media platforms are losing a significant amount of money due to the involvement of third-party intermediaries. Blockchain-based social media platforms allow users to have complete control over where and how their content can be distributed. The distribution capability gives them the improved capacity to profit from the production of passive income. Not only this, such decentralized platforms reward users for posting on their networks. This phenomenon is similar to most blockchain ecosystems, as rewards come from the network’s native cryptocurrency. With blockchain technology, it is possible to keep an open-source code. This will have the advantage of inspecting the data algorithms. and like Kali Linux, it would have a greater team of developers! Improving code by a good value specifically With blockchain technology, decentralization can be implemented. This will allow removing the centralization through the network, and no company or government will be liable to take action. It is the optimum choice for everyone to have a democratic system. So why not social media also adapt to the network structure will allow everyone to make decisions democratically. If this is not achieved, then social media networks can be split into multiple ones just like bitcoin, Linux, and ethereum. They all have Y-shaped multiple versions. With Decentralized networks, unethical usage of users’ data can be prevented. Blockchain technology uses cryptography to protect the interactions between users, which results in data security and privacy. As there is no central authority, the usage of data is controlled by the users themselves, resulting in freedom of expression. So, users can control what they can publish and what not to. Content moderation is the drawback in the present trending social media platforms, which is overcome by the Decentralized social networks. So, this is the main advantage of using a blockchain-based social media application. Also, the open-source nature is the reason behind achieving this creation of private servers that allows content moderation and content sharing to be more efficient. the blockchain-based application serves the purpose of users’ interest before the business. So, in the near future, these applications will be controlled by the users. , the significant change which can be included in the decentralized applications is the increasing adoption of financial services. It could be a game-changer for making transactions globally. To end up, we can say that these Blockchain-based social media platforms may transform the way we interact on the internet.

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