Simplify process to get data shared by NASA that could be converted in useful applications and information that help to humanity discover new information about our universe.

What it does

This project try to be a tool to help engineers and scientists simplify process to test NASA Open APIs to create new innovative applications and discover new information about universe.

This data could be use to create innovative application as A recent industry report on landsat satellite data estimates that total annual value to the economy of $2.19 billion, far exceeding the multi-year total cost of building, launching, and managing Landsat satellites and sensors. The value is derived from consumer use of the data. The objective of this endpoint is to give you an easy to use taste of what Landsat imagery data can provide.

How we built it

With data provided by NASA Open APIs a Public Workflow is created.

Some features of this workspace:

  • The documentation is included in Workspace to facilitate reading and "Know how" to use requests.
  • API Key is added as variable that could be added to environment.
  • Parameters is added to request for simplify use to developers.
  • Monitor APOD API.

Challenges we ran into

Despite being well documented, some APIs are difficult to get working for user that are not related with programming or digital developments.

In particular, read documentation add a high overhead (most that I expected) to get some request working. Get a Working Workspace helps to reduce this overhead reducing time cost testing and get this information more accessible to no programming people to find new innovative solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally, I could get a source to produce easy test of these APIs and possibility to share it with anyone that wants to experiments with this data. Who knows? Maybe, we can discover a new Exoplanets or a new theory of Universe XD.

What we learned

  • New features of Postman that I will use future to test reusable APIs
  • Good practices documenting, name and define request in Postman.
  • Best way to group in collection.
  • Monitoring APIs.
  • How to share in teams.
  • A new easy way to share working APIs to third party developers.

What's next for Public Workspace for NASA Open APIs

Invite to Anyone to comment, fork and participate to improve this Public Workspace... and discover new Exoplanets futures projects.

How to Use

  1. Make a Fork of this Workspace.
  2. Request an API Key in NASA OPEN APIs site.
  3. Create an environment with API_KEY variable.
  4. Send a request.
  5. Modify parameters of APIs.

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