People like to collect stuff and hunderts of thousand of people use the public transport system everyday so that they grow even a little fond of the lines they use. Especially people that are new to Berlin are excited about how different each station is designed and are keen to learn about the history of the stations.

What it does

  • User can "own" stations by visiting them and beating the app in a game of dice-rolling
  • While dice-rolling a user may win "line segments" that she can use in order to connect the stations she is owning
  • When a user own two immediately consecutive stations she can connect these stations by using one of here line segments
  • This allows users to experience the tremendous task that is build the biggest public transport system of Germany

How we built it

  • We used the available GTFS dataset of "Verkehrsbund Berlin-Brandenburg" (VBB) to extract the coordinates of all U-Bahn, Bus, Straßenbahn and S-Bahn stations Berlin and the shapes of the line segments that connect each station.
  • The app is built using React Native and runs on Android and iOS devices
  • Since the app deals with sensitive information like user locations, keeping track of what stations a user "owns" and what line segments she has build remains exclusively on the user's device.

Challenges we ran into

  • Extract the individual segments of a line between stations
  • Coming up with a fun game mechanic
  • Uncertainties regarding the quality of the geometries in the GTFS dataset

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Extract Polylines for line segments from shapes of a line that are available in a GTFS dataset

What we learned

  • Game mechanics are hard
  • Making a LOT of stations and lines interactable on a map is tricky

What's next for "Connect them all"

  • Replace dice-rolling for other games like TicTacToe that are even more fun
  • Add interesting information and trivia about stations
  • Implement achievements and funny challenges
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