Let's make it easier and more fun for new riders to learn the system with a mobile game. Our goal is to educate new riders so they feel confident taking public transportation and to extend the knowledge of experienced riders. Implementing gamification techniques into our design, we will help them memorize routes and gain a deeper understanding of how the transportation engineers have designed the system. Fun trivia facts will of course be included. Users can master this knowledge while waiting for or riding the bus.

How it works

Open the link to the game from QR codes on Muni bus shelters, BART train billboards, and Caltrain stations. Play the game and master the SF public transit system in a fun yet informative way. If you get a perfect score, you can win a $20 Clipper card.

Challenges I ran into

The platform to build the game was complicated and we didn't have any engineers on our team. At the last minute, we decided to ditch the complicated high learning curve game development program and use a simple online quiz builder instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the public transportation questions and answers are well curated as well as the delightful visual design.

What I learned

We learned a ton about the complexities of the BART and MUNI system. We also learned a lot about Game Salad and other game making tools.

What's next for Transit Pursuit

Translate the web app to a native mobile game using Game Salad, once we master the program. We will also see if the public transit agencies are interested in partnering up and distributing the app to riders!

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