We were inspired by the retro theme of this year's hackathon. The first thing that came into our head was a game but then game a thought of a jukebox, and we thought why not combine both ideas

This game gives a fantasized inside look to the occurrences within a jukebox in the old days. It allows the player to enter a song, and then utilizes an inbuilt algorithm to have other songs follow suit. As the songs are playing, the player is in a runner style survival game, avoiding enemies trying to ruin the song with their off pitch notes.

We built it with python, pygame, and Arduino.

The biggest challenge we ran into was learning how to use the Spotify API for Python called Spotipy in order to construct our algorithm that deciphered what song would come next.

We are proud of being able to create a working product by the deadline that was able to use the API that we found so challenging.

We learned a lot about using integrated APIs into our games.

We hope to expand this program's algorithm by making it more machine-learning geared so it can make better recommendations.

We are also submitting to the domain name challenge. The domain is: publicTOOMUCHSTATICvoidmain.com.

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