Sht Happens app is a public restroom finder Android mobile app that assists citizens and travellers who are in a new city to search for an accessible public restroom. Restrooms must be accessible for all different types of users: male, female, family, disabled, infants, students, maternity, etc. Providing necessary hospitality for all types of restroom users is important for the diverse city of Toronto.

What It Does

  • Finds accessible public restrooms around user's current location (with location on) (Google Maps API)
  • Search and filter through options when selecting washroom
  • Provides directions to their destination on Google Maps
  • Provides detailed information about Public Restrooms (Photos, User reviews, Ratings, Hospitality features)
  • Allow users to "Add a restroom" on the map
  • Allow users to rate on the cleanliness, smell, overall experience, etc. and write a review

How It's Built

  • Android studio
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Python
  • Java
  • Google API


  • Android development


  • Making the app look nice using Google material design
  • Implementing GUI

What I learned

  • Learned new programming languages and software to create an android app
  • Front-end and back-end collaboration
  • Learning about Google Maps API

What's next for Public Restroom Finder

  • Developing a fully function app
  • Different language support
  • Using the app store, crowdsourcing information
  • Use Google Assistance helping users on-the-go
  • Cross-check actual location - using image recognition to locate existing restroom
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