We track a lot of feature requests for Atlassian products and 3rd party open source libraries on behalf for customers and our developers. Most of their issue trackers are available for public access.

Usually we will sign up an account on the issue tracker to subscribe for updates. Otherwise, we will need to periodically visit the issue tracker to check for updates.

Some of them will take some time to get resolved. So when we get notifications on the updates, it takes a bit of effort to remember what this issue is for in the first place. Then the information has to be broadcasted to the team.

What it does

The Public Issues Status Tracker saves time and provide contextual updates by commenting on our JIRA issue when the tracked public issues have changed their status.

Every night, it will check those active requests to see if there is any change in status. If there is, it will add a comment on the associated JIRA issue to inform the team.

There is no requirement to install extra add-ons in the remote public sites. You only need our Public Issues Status Tracker in your JIRA instance.

Challenges we ran into

It was very challenging hacking the Javascript to handle the buttons and dialogs box. The JIRA issue can be rendered in many different views (issue view, issue navigator detailed view, etc) and when it worked in 1 view, the button cannot be clicked in another view.

There was multiple iterations of improving the usability of the add-on. We debated what information should be shown and whether too much configuration will make the add-on more difficult to use.

What we learned

Our technical knowledge in JIRA has improved from this project.

What's next for Public Issues Status Tracker

We are using it for ourselves and there are still a lot of ideas to improve

  • to add the last checked date under the tool
  • to allow edit mode to update the reason for tracking
  • to allow toggle the active/inactive mode so as to preserve the history
  • to add a renew button for renewing the tracking when the status has not closed. current workaround is to add a new tracking request
  • to add more reports like the listing of tracked public issues

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