The best method of covid-19 prevention is to wash your hands often with soap. Sometimes one may realize he critically in danger, finding a unit to wash of self will save the day.

What it does

Provide instant soap, germicide, and water to wash hands .

How I built it

Not yet built, it is still an Idea

Challenges I ran into

  • How to make sure the environment is covid-19 infection safe.
  • How to alert users
  • Publicizing the unit
  • Water supply Solution:
  • Have one or more CCTV IP camera(s) to monitor usage.
  • LED Flood light
  • IOT speaker to communicate with users of the unit about safety. What to do and what to avoid.
  • Bright LED blinker light with a peculiar beep will alert people around about the unit, as they want to find out what is there.
  • Tanker vehicles should supply the unit water. Connecting to the unit to direct water sources is risky. Else some devices make also have to be installed for water safety.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Complete the 3D model of the idea and wishing it is put to use over time.

What I learned

Help others, be positive. The power company cut off my electricity, but I proceeded to go get fuel and fix my generator so as to finish what I started.

What's next for Public Sanitary Unit

Send it to the government sector in charge to see if it will be considered safe enough for usage.

Built With

  • alarm
  • alert
  • auto-soap-despenser
  • autodesk-fusion-360
  • desigh
  • floor-light
  • germicide
  • ip-camera
  • metal
  • soap
  • solar-panel
  • strucure
  • water-supply
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