Our Inspiration comes hearing about how immigrants are the leaders in the entrepreneurship community in spite of all of the barriers that they face when it comes to access to financial capital.

What it does

Public Equity provides a platform for community members and local investors to loan money to fund projects that are created by local immigrant entrepreneurs.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating with Stripe was not something anyone on our team had ever tackled and working with the system proved rather difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly proud of having successfully integrated the payment processing service into our application. The first time a funder was able to choose a campaign and submit a secured payment and the campaign page was updated accordingly was the most satisfying part of the project. We also enjoyed driving around the St. Louis city area and capturing video footage that was used for our homepage.

What we learned

Some of our teammates were unfamiliar with AWS and integrating payment processing services into an app, and learned a lot about using them from others who had some experience. The entire team learned a lot about the importance of UI design. We also learned a lot about working with each other as a team and level setting expectations of a MVP.

What's next for Public Equity

We would like to implement a way for credit scores to be reported and monitored in order for the applicants to be able to build a credit history.

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