Inspiration: The Infamous wall

  • Difficult to access
  • Difficult to read
  • Existence is hidden

What We Did

  • Created a template that stores meeting information in a PostgreSQL database and interprets that as a calendar

Challenges we ran into

  • City meeting open to the public are not centralized publicly or formatted consistently

Re-evaluating the approach:

  • People: Who approves the events?
  • Process: How does an idea become an event?
  • Product: How do we keep the process and expand transparency?


  • Cost: Low monetary and time cost
  • Needed: Change champions in the city
  • Trajectory: City of Houston moving towards open data

What's next for Public City Meetings

  1. Meet with Public City:
    • Better Understand the current process to avoid interruptions
  2. Adjust the product
    • Implement current city use cases and needed data
  3. Adoption & Implementation
    • Make web app extensible to other local public offices (city councillors, HPD, etc.)

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