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Since the police aren't available for everything, I have developed this app to help the community and law enforcement. Over the past few years, there have been many mass shootings. This is where the idea sprouted from. In order to react fast, calling 911 isn't the only option. That's why I created Public 911. The app can also be used for businesses, schools, offices, hospitals, etc. to manage crises.

What it does

Instantaneous: As soon as the problem occurs. For example, a car accident happens at the exact moment. Proactive: This means that a person sees a bad event about to occur, it can be reported to Public911. Post-incident: The problem may have already occurred or is just about to happen. For example: you see someone with a suspicious item, activity, or movement.

The app uses various integration technologies like Google Assistant, wordpress, IFTTT etc to communicate and collaborate for crisis situations. The app allows users to speak keywords and the app will take care of communicating based on keywords. The other aspect of Public 911 is to catch these threats beforehand. Using our periodic posts, the user will input their responses and those answers will then be analyzed for a pattern or problem. User communication and result of it can be communicated through various channels as needed for the situation. Ex. slack, twitter, facebook etc.

Problems it handles: Guns Drugs Accidents Suicides Medical emergencies Animals found Cleanliness issues Customer Service issues Corruption etc.

Prospective customers: Schools Offices Hospitals Animal Control Businesses Government Police FBI

Application delivers communication in various forms: Phone Call Text Email Mobile Push Notification Social Media (Twitter/facebook/instagram/whatsapp) Slack

How I built it

I built it using Dialog Flow, Node JS, Wordpress, IFTTT, AWS.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into the issue of converting the Node JS code into the Dialog flow. I need to login to my google account to use the Google assistant test app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to successfully implement Google Assistant, wordpress and IFTTT integration into Public 911

What I learned

I learned how to make Google Assistant programs, wordpress/IFTTT integrations and building an effective website.

What's next for Public 911

Improve the Google Assistant software, website, and spread it across the nation to multiple areas (schools/businesses/hospitals etc.)

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