PUBG Stats Display

What it is Our program is a Java/Swing application allowing players to choose their four favorite items from the game, along with the ability to input their own PUBG username to view their most recent stats from the past 14 days. With this data, a custom image is generated, and is able to be saved locally as a .PNG file.

How we do it The stats are obtained via the PUBG API through our own custom-made class tailored to our needs We also used custom classes based on Swing for the different UI elements of our window.

Why you should care This is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool for generating anaesthetically pleasing images, which can be sent to friends or posted on-line to show off your profile.

What we'll do next After this hackathon is over, we will possibly make some slight changes, such as more customization or more user-friendly error pop-up messages.

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