The PUBG community seems obsessed with tracking match and player data such as average survival times, most popular weapons and landing zones, etc. So I wanted to build something useful for viewers (and gamers) with some of this data from live PUBG matches.

What it does

PUBG Backpack aggregates live, in-game data into several "survival factors". These are then put through an algorithm to determine the gamer's chance of surviving until the next circle. Factors include the player's current weapon, armor, location, and number of alive players. This data can be viewed in-game by the gamer (via the Overwolf app) and is passed via a server and Twitch extension to the streamer's viewers!

How I built it

I used javascript/node.js, the Overwolf API,, and Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

Determining a balance in the algorithm of having enough data but also being relatively simple. Also, prepping the instructions and promo website ( and making the experience simple despite requiring the Twitch extension and the Overwolf app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Heroku and for the first time, and developing my first Twitch extension!

What I learned

How to get a Twitch extension up and running and how to use Heroku as a "stateful" server despite its intent to be stateless.

What's next for PUBG Backpack

Get some folks to download the app and start streaming it! I may also, update the algorithm to finesse the survival chance calculation and include more data!

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