We were intrigued by the Ontario- based company XE's foreign exchange / currency converter tool. We wanted to work with their API because we recognized the value in a creating a product with the ability to display reliable and accurately updated currency conversions- especially for those always on the go.

What it does

With GPS tracking software, our app tracks the location of the users, allowing us to retrieve data based on location. With this data, we will be able to track if users are out of home. Our currency converter software allows for easy conversion between foreign and local currencies. In addition, the app also tracks the user's location to find restaurants near them. The top 3 restaurants are displayed based on popularity. The prices of meals served in the restaurants are also displayed in the user's pre-chosen currency of choice, regardless of where they are. This functionality adds to the travel app, allowing for a clean and easy interface served with an intuitive user experience, all within an arm's reach (literally).

How we built it

We integrated XE's API for all currency conversions, along with Zomato's API to retrieve information about nearby restaurants and relevant data associated with them. We used Javascript to implement Pebble.js' user interface along with the backend logic communicating between the watch and the phone. We used Node.js and javascript for the API's and our App.js.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have done a hardware hack before so experimenting the pebble watch and its functionalities was the most tricky, yet, best learning experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our first hardware hack!!!!!!
  • Have fully functioning front end & back end
  • We slept for more than 2 hours!! zzzzz......

What we learned

  • Pebble watch
  • XE's well documented API
  • Furthered our knowledge in javascript & node.js

What's next for Pubble

Keep working on it on the side to improve complexity of the app & add new features!

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