Social isolation is boring for everyone, but bar owners and entertainers also lose substantial income due to social isolation measures. We want to help everyone have fun and let bar owners and entertainers earn money with an online pub quiz platform!

What it does

With Pub Quiz, bars and entertainers can create quizzes and connect via video to their customers. Friends can join the Pub Quiz with their friends as a group, watch the moderator and talk with their friends. While they try to beat other teams by answering questions together, they can also buy drinks to support their favorite bar!

How we built it

We used peer2peer WebRTC with a central server to speed up data transfers between parties. For developing the web-app, we used Firebase and AngularJS.

Challenges we ran into

Getting streaming audio in-between groups and the video and audio of the moderator to all participants was difficult to implement efficiently using only peer2peer communication. This is solved by a central server. We couldn't manage to make the audio and video work reliably on mobile devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works and it only took 24 hours to implement!

What we learned

Life is awesome

What's next for Pub Quiz

Since the app is pretty light-weight to host with peer-2-peer communication, we would like to polish the UI and offer it to bar owners!

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