Appointment management custom activities. The .NET custom activities for the management of calendar appointments via EWS API.

Business needs. While performing automation of synchronization internal Event Management System with appointments in Outlook this custom activity where developed. They are using EWS API, which allows you to do not install Outlook or any other tool or programms to manage appointments.

Custom activities description. Save Appointment. Creates or updates an appointment. Has two overload groups for input:

Appointment itself. If you want to update the existing one. AppointmentDetails. If you want to create a new one. Both of them return Id of appointment.

Load Appointment. Loads appointment by Id or specific data. Has two overload groups for input:

FindById. If you know id. FindByInfo. If you need to find an appointment by specific data. E.g. subject and date. Returns appointment instance.

Delete Appointment. Deletes appointment by Id. As simple as that.

Resolve Names. It is the same functionality as Check names in outlook. As input - a collection of strings with attendee names. As output - a collection of Attendees.

Get Notification History. By Given subject and start date returns top N notifications sent.

Forward To Remind. Forwards invitations to optional or required attendees who has not reacted on request (response type NoResponseReceived or Unknown).

Determine Weekly Pattern A little bit specific activity with the logic of determining the pattern of recurrence by data table with occurrences. Required columns: Start (of DateTime), End (of DateTime), Location (of string).

Synchronize Appointment Another specific activity to synchronization of appointment data with a server.

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