A few months ago in an unfortunate accident, my mother fell and broke her wrist. What came after was months of physical therapy and repetitive exercises. Doing these behaviors day in and day out, my mom become bored and fatigued with the same mundane motions and her compliance with the therapy dropped, even when she knew that it would help her improve. Furthermore, her care was very fragmented as she was seen by a multitude of doctors during recovery. Surely there must be some way to increase her engagement and compliance while providing an accurate, quantitative record of her therapy to her providers.

What it does

TechTouch gamifies physical therapy exercises in order to increase compliance and improve the patient experience. Additionally, the application evaluates and tracks the patient's progress over time in a quantitative and precise manner.

How I built it

TechTouch is a full-stack rails web app that utilizes the Leap Motion sensor to track the patient's exercises. In order to make the application hands-free (hands are occupied with the excercises), the patient controls the application using their brain with the Muse headband.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating a multitude of frameworks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Controlling an app with my mind.

What I learned

Leap Motion and similar technologies have huge potential in the healthcare space.

What's next for TechTouch

Integration with the Microsoft Kinect to capture full-body movement and become a full physical therapy solution. More extensive data visualizations.

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