To Wake up people who suffer from night terrors (one side effect of PTSD) Away to track data, and preempt night terrors if a pattern Away to anonymously see how your fellow soldiers from your unit are coping, so you know you are not alone, and they feel they are not alone

What it does

it wakes you up and offers various coping mech

How I built it

html5, js, css, material design lite, we looked at a node, and python screenscaper to get nearest va facility by passing in coordinates and then scraping info, the dev assigned was struggling, exhausted so ended up mocking the service

Challenges I ran into

Sound wasn't playing for the alarm sometime around 130am.. and I thought I was going to be able to recover, but between getting rest and source control and stack over flow we got it working by adding audio tag, though wasn't needed originally.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team with otherwise little app experience and own ideas we quickly came together and agreed, executed to best of each's ability

What I learned

Get rests the week before ;) instead of billing OT

What's next for PTSDNightTerrorPrevention

Another iteration would be to pull in the chat component that one dev worked on but could pull in. the report for others in unit with their handles, PII kept secret.

Built With

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