PtokaX scripts for HiT Hi FiT Hai

The scripts are for use with PtokaX Direct Connect hub. The documentations related to various features and commands are available on organization's repository. A public repository is also available for users to report any issues or features. The link is available here.


PtokaX DC Hub is a multi-platform server application for Neo-Modus Direct Connect (NMDC) Peer-To-Peer sharing network. The hub HiT Hi FiT Hai is for local usage inside the IIT Kharagpur campus, and hence the scripts are not to be used without prior permissions. The scripts work well with PtokaX Lua 5 API version 2 and Lua 5.1 as well as Lua 5.2.


Currently, the scripts in the repository are for following operations:

  • Chat logging for history and retrieval upto 100 recent messages.
  • [BOT]Offliner, [BOT]Info and [BOT]Stats commands.
  • Reporting of fake and personal files in share.
  • Integrating the report commands into right click.
  • Four separate chatrooms; supporting:
    1. Anonymous chats
    2. User subscription
    3. Listing subscribed users
    4. Denying messages from unsubscribed users
    5. Message logging
    6. Individual chat history
  • Restricting unregistered users from chat.
  • Users' daily activity on mainchat stored to database. Applicable for registered users only.
  • Subscribable mainchat.
  • Automated registration of new users.
  • Right click menu for each of the actions
  • and more...


All the scripts for the HiT Hi FiT Hai hub are released in public under the GNU General Public Licence v3.

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