Two years ago I got injured lifting weights because I wasn't completing the exercise correctly. I ended up hurting my back so badly that I was unable to lift any more weights for 3 months.

What it does

PTeach tells users whether or not they are performing an excercise or a motion correctly. For this hackathon we focused on the motion of curling when performing single arm bicep curls.

How we built it

Using the programs listed down below

Challenges we ran into

To complete this project on time we had to do each part piece by piece. This involved creating a front-end without having any data from the back-end. This made it incredibly hard to integrate them all together towards the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Calibrating the Myo band to consistently read data. Having the myo band understand if a user is performing an exercise correctly.

What we learned

Myo can be incredibly hard to work with due to its inaccuracies and sensitivity. We learned to work with hardware that is proprietary.

What's next for PTeach

PTeach is not gonna be just limited to a myo armband or lifting weights. In the future, PTeach will be able to teach people how to have a fluid golf swing, how to throw a perfect spiral, and even how to kick a soccerball. We have the scripts, we just need to link them.

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