Inspiration - The inspiration for this project came after I read an article about how food banks rely heavily on grocery stores for donations. They notify 10 - 15 grocery stores in their area weekly to ask for food. Grocery stores thus receive emails and calls from a bunch of food banks, each of which are asking for a different type of food.

What it does: PTC is an online platform, which allows for food banks and grocery stores near each other to get in touch. Instead of sending 15 different emails to grocery stores, all a food bank must do to request food, is hit one button.

How we built it: I built this project using HTML and CSS for the front end, and a MySQL database in the backend, holding all the information entered into the website.

Challenges we ran into: The biggest struggle was not being able to connect my database to HTML, I tried different approaches like apache and PHP, as well as Node. js, but neither of them I got to work in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I am proud of creating this idea, which I think can legitimately become a business, and solve a niche that definitely exists in the food world. I am proud of myself for not backing down even after failed attempts to connect the database to the website.

What we learned: I learned a lot during this project, even though I couldn't apply these, I learned how to deal with SQL queries, how java script works, and how to code in PHP.

What's next for PTC: I hope to some how hook up the backend with the front end, to get a working product, as well as better style the website to match its purpose.

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