I am Tech Savy Boy So I don't Go out too much for walks and Running and I am too Bored Listening Same Songs Again and Again while Going For Walk. So I taught To develop A Android App that will Solve my Walking and Music Problem Both at a Single App.

What it does

PT Fit is the Next Step in the Sports Music Industry. Instead of Listening to Same Music Again and Again while walking and Running. PT fit will create Electronic Music Based on Your Walk Length and Time so You can Enjoy Your Walk. While you run, in order to help you achieve the best experience possible, it uses physiological data to generate the perfect melody! Depending on your objective, it may detect if you need a boost or on the contrary of you to need to slow down in order to keep your pace. This Project Also Contain Landing Page for the Android APP.

How I built it

I built Android App using Android Studio using Google Firebase in it For Login and Sign Activity and I made the Website using Html, CSS, and Jquery in Atom Editor.

Challenges I ran into

As it's my First Hackathon and I am Alone in My Team so it was hard Managing my Time between App and Website and I am Happy I was able to Complete the App in Time. I also didn't have access to Any Smart Watch So it was Hard to Make App for Wear Os and I also didn't know too much about music and didn't have access to much better music libraries. I also have to Test it on My Laptop so I have Created Fake Run, Heart Beat and Speed Module which Simulates Human Walk and Run. It's the First Time I have Created that Complex App.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am Proud I was Able to Create that Complex App without Help of any Human but Google and Youtube Were Great to Help me. After Seeing the App and Website that I build in my First Hackathon and Begin Alone, I am Definitely Proud of my Self.

What I learned

I Learned More About Modules and Complex Stuff About Android Studio, I also Learned More About Google Firebase and in Html, I learned More about CSS and Jquery. Css and Jquery Really Helped To Create an Awesome Website.

What's next for PT Fit ( Android App, Website and Presentation )

I am Planning to Work with more Experienced Developer and Create Better UI For my App. I also Plan to Buy SmartWatch and Make App more Better for Wear Os. I Also Plan to Add music Library to My App and Optimize my Website so it can drive More Download for the App.

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