Akash's grandmother's knee surgery

What it does

Assists patients to see how to correctly perform rehabilitative exercises that are critical to recovery. This product will be able to provide real-time feedback though an automated process which can also improve accuracy and reliability of said exercises. We will be able to quantify data at a fraction of the cost by utilizing small and lightweight body-worn sensors as opposed to going to see a physical therapist several times throughout treatment.

How I built it

Utilizing small and lightweight body-worn sensors (IMU's) and an Arduino 101

Challenges I ran into

Connecting two IMUs to a single arduino, programming and meeting the deadline

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How the team came together under intense pressure

What I learned

Team work and collaboration are crucial to making a project successful.

What's next for PT CLINIC

A more refined product which feature more comfort, more application, more real-time data analysis

Built With

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