In an era when people are driven by their social media, the vision of detection the next trends was the most interesting workshop for us.

What it does

We developed a website where you can search for topics within a country. In return, you get the most recent and interesting news for you and how trendy they are.

How we built it

The page send to a Python API the query written by the user. In the backend, we use Reuters API to get the most recent news according to your intention and get the most trendy news from Google Trends.

Challenges we ran into

We spent too much time to came up with a good idea and, in the beginning of the project, we got problems regarding Access-Control-Allow-Origin when calling the API's needed. In addition, we had to develop a Python API which requested data to Reuters API and Google Trends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had a lot of fun and we met a lot of interesting people while developing this project. It was very interesting using Reuters API and incredible to work with API.AI.

What we learned

Think less, do more! Develop from scratch probably it's not the best solution for a 3 days hackathon. When we've to deliver in such short deadlines, we've to used frameworks/libraries to make our life easier and develop the project faster.

What's next for PT-BR

We've to improve the way we store and reuse the user's queries and create a graph based UI to show all available data related to the trendiness of the user's interests.

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