We were inspired by the physical and mental health challenges we and others experienced, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We noticed that it was hard for us to make time in our lives for self-care, so we decided to create an app to reinforce good habits and routines.

What it does

Psycle augments Google Calendar by importing events from the user’s google account into the app, and then adding events for Exercise, Meditation, and a mental health questionnaire to their weekly schedule. Fully customizable, Psycle allows the user to make a schedule which best fits their needs while helping them to remember important aspects of their health, like taking time to reflect on their day and themselves, through meditation, and exercise, which is a powerful tool for mental health. Additionally, Psycle comes with a built-in mental health questionnaire, which allows users to reflect on their own mental health, and encourages them to seek help from a mental health professional should their score on the quiz be high enough.

How we built it

We built this app using the Flutter framework to allow our app to work on both IOS, Android, and the web. The app integrates with the Google sign-in API and Google Calendar API to fetch your information.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many different challenges while integrating our app with Google’s APIs. In order to make our app work, we had to set up projects on both Google Cloud and Firebase. We also had to setup code-signing to ensure our app passed google security checks in order to gain access to the user’s calendar information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the features that we are most proud of is our app’s ability to synchronize with Google. This feature is incredibly powerful, as it allows the user to see how they can fit exercise and meditation into their daily schedule, and allows them to see their whole daily schedule at a glance. Another accomplishment that we’re proud of is that the UI is very simple and intuitive. The user is able to easily customize their schedule to fit their needs, and is able to quickly navigate through the app.

What we learned

While researching possible ways to help students manage their mental health, we learned about how depression can impact someone’s daily life, as well as simple strategies to decrease one’s risk for the mental health illness, including meditation and exercise, which we built into the app. On the coding side of the app, we learned about the Google API through our integration with Google Calendar, which showed us the power of abstraction, as we were able to access and import all of the user’s events, avoiding any manual input.

What's next for Psycle

We’d like to add push notifications for the events in the schedule, as they would help enforce the routine that the user creates. Additionally, we would like to add first time schedule polling to learn the user’s preferences for time and type of activity, and automatically fill the schedule with those events using an algorithm.

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