I am inspired by the spirit of Global Citizenship and by those working hard to find Universal solutions to a united World.

What it does

An App uniting mental health workers, and other professionals trained on how to offer psychological first aids, which is short interventions to support those needing support or assurance. This is different from psychotherapy or counselling which requires many sessions. This program mitigates against aftermath of crisis negative emotions and prevent development of mental illness. The App is user friendly and available for people from different countries to choose services in their own language. One can register any where in the world.

How I built it

I team up with an Tech expert, we discuss the concept and exchanged via Skype meetings.

Challenges I ran into

Being able find and team up an App developer who love the same idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to build the App frame and simple prototype

What I learned

One can achieve anything if you have passion!

What's next for psychologische Erste Hilfe

To build the App and train service providers the concepts usually 4 hours spread out or block.

Built With

  • hots
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