I have a friend who has psychosis and I know that he uses a bunch of different programs and notebooks to keep track of his symptoms. It seemed frustrating to have to hunt for a log that fit his needs and I was honestly surprised to find that one doesn't exist already. I figured I could try making something like that for him.

What it does

It has a built in calendar and notepad where the user can input a psychotic experience including what day it was, whether it was a hallucination, delusion, etc. and then the user can specify what senses it employed, how it made them feel, how severe it was, and any specific tags they want to add to track frequency of episodes.

How I built it

I used JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I was going to incorporate a address but unfortunately would not let me in, I was just having troubles.

Challenges I ran into

I had a lot of struggle attempting to make the notes section look nice, getting everything I envisioned done in time, and understanding how Date works in JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud of the fact I got the calendar to work. I'm also proud of myself for this idea in general and all the work I put into this project. It might not do a whole lot, but I'm proud of it.

What I learned

How to properly use Date in JavaScript. I developed my understanding of how JavaScript really works with HTML and CSS. I learned how to do a bunch of neat little tricks in JavaScript as well, nothing too fancy.

What's next for Psychoasis

I really wanted to add a resources section so that if the user needs local resources then they don't have to hunt. I also wanted to somehow make it so that music plays when you're in the app, I thought that would be nice and relaxing. I wanted there to be login information too, I was excited to try implementing that, but I ran out of time. I do intend to continue working on this.

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