The disease caused by Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) initiated a wide collapse in the health system around the world. In several countries, developed or not, the COVID-19 case growth rate has shown an exponential curve. This growth has led many people to go to the hospital and be monitored daily by medical teams. This high demand from patients for medical care, has overloaded the mental health of professionals who work directly in the care of people with COVID-19, due to overwork and the whole scenario to which they are included. This mental health burden can cause several diseases, ranging from mental and social problems, such as changes in sleep patterns, difficulty sleeping, increased alcohol consumption, among others. In addition to care for the Coronavirus itself, it is extremely necessary that health professionals who are constantly working to reduce the mortality rate of patients with COVID-19 have psychological support.

What it does

The psycho talk app aims to connect psychologists and health professionals in a collaborative way, in order to reduce the chances of psychological disorders in professionals who are on the front lines in the fight against coronavirus.

The application authenticates a psychologist able to practice his profession. After that, he can check, in a list, which health professionals are needing help and get in contact to establish a conversation. On the other hand, health professionals who are going through mental problems can register on the application and check, in a list, which psychologists are available for a voluntary conversation.

How we built it

We are currently in advanced conversations to start developing the application.

Challenges we ran into

Ensure that only psychologists able to practice the profession are allowed to complete the application registration. Understand the health professional's needs and connect him/her to a psychologist effectively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Provide voluntary psychological help to health professionals who are experiencing mental problems in the pandemic.

What's next for psycho talk

Our first step is to focus on the development of the application focusing on the security of information and users and put it into production as soon as possible. After the first version available and being used, we want to expand the system to another class of users, not only health professionals, such as users infected with COVID-19 who are recovering at home isolated from their own family. We also think about when we overcome this crisis, continue with the service and even release attendance to society. During COVID-19 we thought about generating a massive amount of data and performing statistical and computational analysis of the data to help researchers in their future research.

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