The modern world is constantly evolving, continuously paving the way for innovators as groundbreaking technology emerges at a rapid pace. We, as Freshmen at UC San Diego, sought to fully explore and appreciate such developments, and chose to create something new, something original, and something that all users can appreciate. Powered by an insatiable curiosity and desire to achieve our maximum potential, we came prepared to the Hackathon with an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, and worked ceaselessly to create what is now a piece of modern development: Psychic.

Our team sought to not only provide an enjoyable experience to all in the form of a game, but also inspire awe in the minds of those who had not yet been exposed to the incredible hardware and software we were able to work with. Using Unity, Oculus, and Leap, we made a game capable of truly expanding the bounds of human imagination. Stretch out your hand and manipulate objects with ease, easily reverse gravity on materials around you, or even master physics and fly around the map with a telekinetic grappling hook. Those who have conquered the human mind are truly free.

We believe that originality stands above all else as a driving motive while working, and so the idea for a game centered around psychic power was born. Though we had experience in Oculus Rift before, it was our first time using the Leap Motion, and we made a strong effort to integrate it with both Oculus and Unity to create a seamless result. We went through struggles, victories, sleepless nights and productive days, every single moment worth the appreciation we gained from working on a project with friends. This task was not only about creating something incredible, but about learning amazing topics in the process. Each one of us opened ourselves to new fields, obstacles, and ultimate triumphs and now we offer you the same chance through Psychic.

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