I used to be obsessed with personality tests: astrology, MBTI, you name it. I thought it'd be fun to try and make a master quiz for all the personality tests you could take. I was partially inclined to do this because of how date-based many of these are.

What it does

It takes the user's birthday, plus a few answers to some questions, to return their results for nine types of personality tests and identifiers.

How we built it

Made in VS Code in C++, tested on

Challenges we ran into

The Hogwarts quiz function was definitely the hardest to make, and it was a last-minute decision too. I was afraid of running into errors if a user fit into more than one house. In the end, I figured it out by using a lot of conditional statements, but even then there's still an warning I have no idea how to solve. At least it works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I like how comprehensive it is, and how I had to do equal parts research and coding on a topic that interested me. Finding out more about how people like to categorize personalities was really interesting. Also, the Celtis tree and zodiac date matchups. Took so long and it works just how I imagined!

What we learned

Learned that lists and user-defined functions are godsends.

What's next for Psychenality

More tests! An actual visual format! Pictures! I have so many ideas for this next.

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