One of the team members was facing depression issue and could get access to any mental health professional , a friend promised you to connect you to his psychologist friend and took about a month to get this psychologist. that was where the idea came from the there.

How it works

The app is downloaded and the person sign-up for bio-data, the person take a mental health examinations and after that the person is connected to a mental health professional through voice call or by appointment.

Challenges I ran into

Currently there are no challenges but we anticipate that some of the users may not be able to afford consultation fee if they book appointment

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing Lendingsquare platform, StartHubup hup platorm(StartupHub was taken down due to legal issues)

What I learned

Happy to help in solving certain problems

What's next for PyschApp

After successful implementation of the App in Ghana, we would like to launch it in other African Countries.

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