At first we started doing this project so people who don't know any code at all can write programs, but once we realized people would probably start saying "Write a program that does my homework for me" we knew we had to break things down a bit. So we settled for the best mix of psuedocode with the expansiveness of the English language.

What it does

People can type instructions like they would when coding, just with the added benefit of being able to describe it in English and not have to remember syntax! For example, rather than having to remember the correct syntax in any language, users can simply type "print hello world" and Psuedo++ will generate the code for them. Also since this is english, users can describe this action how they'd like, i.e. "display hello world", "show me hello world" etc.

How we built it

We mixed a whole bunch of API's from Google-clouds natural language processing API to a Natural language to Intent tool we found on a github repo! (Check the README on the git repo for url's). Built in Python and Java.

Challenges we ran into

Getting python files and java files to share information. Difficult, no idea how to do this, until last night! Also figuring out tricky API's is always annoying but in the end just a time consuming part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting past the above mentioned challenges! It feels nice to complete something you once thought you couldn't. Lastly, the GUI is always nice :)

What we learned

A lot! Batch files, a little bit of machine learning, h

What's next for Psuedo++

Improving the training cases so the program can handle more abstract calls. The more diverse we allow user input to be the better! We also could do a little more to handle misspellings

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