We are juniors and seniors from the club Innoblue who is passionate about connecting students and encouraging the culture & mindset of entrepreneurship at Penn State University. When we realize that we want to build a startup, it's often too late. In addition to helping LaunchPad build this efficient smart cloud-based tool management system, we want to help build this community by connecting students and providing a strong network to get them going and change the world!

What it does

PSU NextGen Toolkit allows managers at LaunchPad to help students find the best tool for building their products as well as PSU students to have a place to go for questions and brainstorming tools.

How we built it

We first created the interface of the app in Xcode and use Swift language to build functions for the buttons such as login. Then, we use Firebase to store the login information and Google Cloud for the tool database. Last but not least, we used Google AI platform to show analysis of monthly information.

Challenges we ran into

Get the login work and create the database. Connect back-end system to front-end interface design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of us don't have very much coding experience and the fact that we get the app works is something we are extremely proud of. Also, we are creating a community for young entrepreneurs is what we really passionate about.

What we learned

We learned how to design an app in Xcode, SWIFT, and get the login work. Also, we learned how to use Firebase to connect with the user information and Google Cloud - Cloud SQL and AI analysis.

What's next for PSU NextENTR

Expand features on the app such as building chatbox for students to communicate. Allow interactive 3D images of tools in the app. Develop feature that allows students to pick up items from the launchpad

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