Sally, the inspiration

PSOteen was inspired by Sally, a teen we know who was recently diagnosed with psoriasis and was going through all the emotions—anger that psoriasis “got her” and no one else, and fear about the disease and how it would affect her friendships and her future.

PSOteen is currently a Daily Briefing skill that delivers interesting facts about psoriasis, along with unique and helpful tips and tricks about how to deal with some of the challenges of being a teenager with psoriasis, or a teenager with a friend who has psoriasis.


Making the daily briefing useful without making it boring or pedantic. Keeping the tone positive and upbeat. Keeping the voice modulation correct for Amazon Alexa. How to easily keep the content current so we didn’t lose listeners. How to appeal to teens, teens with psoriasis. Finding professionals (a clinician, a psoriasis blogger, a game expert) for the next phase of PSOteen.


We have some great tips and tricks! We’re keeping it fresh. We think we’re appealing to teens

What's next for PSOTeen

Next is to move PSOteen onto Echo Show and Echo Spot, and to boost its utility and out-of-the-box tips by showing in addition to telling. Psoriasis is a chronic disease; habits formed in teenage years can make or break a person with psoriasis. We see potential for PSOteen as a medication reminder and lifestyle coach complete with badges, levels and rewards. Teens may “listen” to PSOteen if their doctor uses it, and parents will appreciate having “someone else”, namely Alexa, do some of the necessary nagging.

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