Motivation is an user centric platform to make better and smarter choice based on their interests and present trends

What it does

Making lives simpler: Enables the users to make smarter and informed decisions based on their interests

How I built it

Part 0 (Interaction with real user) :- Interacted with few users and got the info how they plan their weekends and understood that most of the decisions were made on just previous visits, random choices and word of mouth recommendation. We inferred that it is a potential problem to solve.

Part 1 (Collection of data):- Collects demographic data like crowd strength, userid, gender etc.. and geographical datas like location, happening events etc..

Part 2 (User the god) :- Based on the interest and location of user with the collected historical and real time data we will suggest for

  • Dining
  • Events many more . . .

Challenges I ran into

Fetching real time demographic data such as population strength based on location Fetching events happening events as there are no open apis

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Dealing with some of the crazy regex expression
  • Successfully getting events data and demog data

What I learned

  • Data Analysis
  • Different aspects of Product
  • End to end development - Mobile (Android) Many technical aspects like how to get data, DBMS aspects etc.. some of the data points to sell the product flashed our mind. So it is Business and Technical in short that we learnt

What's next for PSO-INMOBI

Right now - data is grabbed from small eco systems - going ahead we would pull data from every possible place and make more sense of that whole data

Making user take smarter decision

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