Inspiration: I have personally gone through many struggles with distance learning and have seen my own peers go through that stress too, so I wanted to create an app that could help resolve this problem.

What it does: This app brings together the aspects of a high school student's life all into one organizer and resource place.

How I built it: I built the UI with xamarin forms and wrote C# code for the functionality.

Challenges I ran into: I ran into some challenges with trying to figure out how to use some xamarin form elements in my app, but I was able to resolve these problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I am proud with the app's overall functionality and UI.

What I learned: I learned more elements and functionalities that xamarin forms provides and how to write the specific C# code behind these elements.

What's next for PSI Hackathon App: This app only is currently specific to one user and cannot save a user's data. The next thing for this app would be to let users create an account so that the next time they sign in, all their information will be shown and all features will be customized to them.

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