Giving fellow developers a funny(but useful) way to write pseudocode till they figure out that app.

//WTF is pseudocode(/ˈso͞odō kōd/)?

//Programmers have brilliant ideas and they need to turn into code, but every great idea needs a plan //Pseudocode is a great way to plan out the program before writing the code //Pseudocode is code in plain english

As developers, from time to time we absolutely struggle with writing code and just stop working. With pseudo code, we can still write out our logic, our frustrations and sometimes love poems to other developers.

The key aspect of this is to be a fun block-breaker with a little bit (ok a lot of) humor to help keep the flow going.

This app is for all developers from beginners to pros and we hope to build out more languages in.

Most proud of: At midnight, 13 hours before the deadline we decided to pivot from our initial product and build something that means a lot to us. We wish we had more time, but who are we kidding..when in doubt pseudo code that app and it can always be refactored with real code!

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