Prynt is a way for people to monetize their 3d printers. It allows owners to sell remote access to their printers with an online interface to facilitate the transactions, and allows users who do not own 3d printers to buy access to them over a network. It makes uploading files to the 3d printer more convenient by connecting to users' Dropbox accounts, and allows its users to print objects without having to be in the same room.


Prynt is powered by the Raspberry Pi computer, the Dropbox api, and Node.js. Prynt's use of a custom distribution of an open source image allows the Raspberry Pi to connect directly to the 3d printer and the wifi network. When connected to the network, Prynt facilitates communication between the machine and the Node.js server where files are uploaded and delivered via Dropbox's api. A web interface allows the temperature and progress of the 3d printer to be monitored remotely.


We were inspired by the advances in 3d printing and the promises of small, single-chip computers like the Raspberry Pi. This led to us wanting to combine the two technologies in a single project that would fill a gap in the maker and DIY market.

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