Virtual corporate currency for employee motivation and engagement. With the help of the currency, employees can thank their colleagues, announce contests with a prize fund, and invest in ideas for the development of the company. And the employees can spend the received currency in the gift shop.

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Ideation - is the process when employees could privide and implement ideas for company changing. We found some solutuions, where ideation process implemented by forms, ms project integrations and statistics. The main idea of our project is to orgnize social-based and open ideation process with "startup-investition" paradigm, where people could provide ideas, based on configurable forms woith scoring, other employees could invest own virtuial currency to ideas and participate in implementation. Expert committee provides open feedbacks to ideas and if idea wis well-formalized and implimented, all participants receive back investments with premiadditional bonus, depends on role. This bonuses could be spent in corporate virtual store for souvenigs, and prizez.

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