As students, we've all had to endure using tools like Google Classroom and Pupilpath. Pupilpath in particular is a dated technology that was intuitive and would crash on days when many people checked it. We built Prudent Student to make a smarter education administration system that's smarter and more intuitive to use.

What it does

Prudent Student has a general suite of education administration tools, including an authentication system, class creation and joining via invites, class announcements and assignments, and a student/teacher permission system for all these utilities. It also has a builtin virtual assistant to help you use these tools and answer your questions.

How we built it

The website itself was built in Sveltekit using Lucia for authentication management, Tailwind and DaisyUI for the user interface, and SymblAI + MobileBERT for the virtual AI assistant. Backend, frontend, and AI were developed independently until the point we could bring them together seamlessly.

Challenges we ran into

Many of the technologies used were very new to us. Of the aforementioned technologies in "How we built it", only one of us had used Sveltekit and DaisyUI before and SymblAI + MobileBERT were completely new. We also struggled combining our ideas into a cohesive technology, though in the end we feel we did that well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the same group we all did a hackathon together one year ago, and all of us were very proud of how far our abilities have grown. This project was both more complete and more ambitious than our previous one.

What we learned

We all directly learned from the new technologies we worked with. We also indirectly learned about education administration technology infrastructure by the first time approaching it as developers instead of users.

What's next for Prudent Student

The current build is just a the minimum viable product, and though it is viable much more can be done. Firstly, we want to cut the bundle size to make initial page loads faster. We also want to improve the virtual assistant pipeline to make it faster (though that would require resources beyond better optimized code). To replace existing education administration technologies, we need to better integrate it with the existing ecosystem. One example of this would be allowing importing grades from Pupilpath or Google Classroom to ease transitions.

Built With

  • prisma
  • sveltekit
  • tailwind
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